Friday, August 31, 2012

Trek World 2013

So one of the benefits of being a bike dealer is trade show time.  It is like Christmas for those of us adults that drool over what the bike industry will set before us each year.   Every year, they up the ante.  Think about that.  This industry every year brings us improved product and new innovative designs.  Very seldom is it C&G (color & graphics) changes.  I have to hand it to those engineers and product development guys.   No coasting is allowed.  And we are not just talking about fixies here.

I could go on and on about why "model year' is not a good thing for our industry.  It was for a time, but that time has past and gone the way of Schwinn.  The model year idea, taken from the automobile industry, doesn't stand to leave our industry anytime soon.  So...let's focus on what we can control.  It's called PERMAGRIN when thinking about all the new 2013 product.   And since we sell predominately Trek product, Trek World is Christmas for us. 

Each year Trek World kicks off with an opening address from Trek President John Burke.   Each year he tells us this year their product is the best yet.  And every year I think, how the heck can he keep telling us this year after year.  Then we go down to the showroom floor and sure as your new bedroom furniture was made in China..he is right.  This favorite was the vastly improved 29er line.  While there was a considerable amount to talk about in new product coming our way, this was my favorite.   I won't bore you with the details, as there are plenty-o-blogs that can give you that scoop.  If you're into 29ers, it is worth you time to review what others are saying about this year's industry leading line up from Trek and Bontrager.

Now let's get down to my dream and why I like living it.  This year, Mr. Burke and company decided to spoil my business (and I stress business) partner Jay Thomas and myself by putting us up at the Mansion on the Hill in Madison.  If you ever get a chance to stay in Madison, I highly recommend booking a room here.  It is right off of the Capitol square and you won't find a better place to stay in Madison, hand down the best.

I'm not sure why we were put up there. I'm very grateful we were.   I suppose it was to keep us from continuing to complain about why we couldn't stay there.  It was fun to ask other dealers (bigger than us) where they were staying.  And then not so humbly offer up we were at the Mansion.  Squeaky wheel gets the grease fellas.  Take one from our playbook. is what I think is memorable about Trek world aside from the product, the cheese and of course the beer.(we were in Wisconsin mind you).  This year, the other residents of the Mansion included Jens Voight, Bo Jackson, Livestrong team riders and coach Axel Mercx, and the para-athlete Wounded Warriors world Triathlon champion.  And of course, the aforementioned two joe-bag-of donuts riders, Jay and myself.

The most notable of encounters with the other guests revolves around Jay and Bo Jackson.  So..this guy walks into a bar...really I am serious...this guy is Jay.  Sitting at the bar is Bo Jackson.   Jay walks in and says "Who are you?"  in which Bo promptly replies "I'm Bo Jackson".   Jay hesitates, raises an eyebrow and looks at him.  "Who?".   Bo looks up at him a tad confused, and says "Who the hell are you?"  Jay responds, "I'm Jay Thomas" with some sort of authority like Bo should know.   Jay lets this hang for a moment....and then cracks a big grin and says to Bo "Don't worry, I know who you are!" 

After that Bo and Jay hit it off like old buddies reconnected.  I sat and listened to a funny story Bo told about how he left his sister at KFC 7miles from home and made her walk home.  As you follow my blog, you realize I am a lot like Forest Gump.  I tend to find myself in places and with people I have not business being with.  It just makes me smile when I find myself in these places.  Life is like a box of chocolates.....

Well.. that is enough of my dream for today.   Next stop..who knows.  Stay tuned and I'm sure it will be something interesting.  Never a dull moment here in dreamland!

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